Membership Perks

Supporter Annual Membership

Starting at$4/month
  • Unlimited visits on operating days
  • Discounted admission at practicing zoos & aquariums
  • Invitations to Member-only events
  • 10% discount on zoo food & merchandise
  • Discounts on select special events

Advocate Annual Membership

Starting at$5.60/month
  • All perks for Supporter Annual Membership
  • 10% discount on birthday parties
  • Two additional Any-Day complimentary tickets (non-event ticket).

Zoomer Annual Membership

Starting at$13.60/month
  • All perks for Advocate Annual Membership
  • Unlimited carousel rides
  • Free adult-only & professional events throughout the year
  • Two additional Any-Day complimentary tickets (non-event tickets).

Wildlife Champions Annual Membership

Starting at$83.30/month
  • All perks for Zoomer Annual Membership
  • Full year admission
  • Invitation to Wildlife Champions events throughout the year
  • 20% discount on tickets for friends and family
  • Bring-A-Friend for free on select days
  • Discounts on birthday parties and live events
  • Priority registration for Zoo Camp (for children and grandchildren of Wildlife Champions Members)

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