Dungeons And Dragons


Level up your game night!

Register individually or bring your whole adventuring party for a unique one-shot run by one of the zoo Dungeon Masters.

New to Dungeons & Dragons? We’ll help you get familiar with your character (provided at event), find the perfect set of dice, and will have you rolling crits in no time.

Already have XP? Choose your game level and join a 5e zoo inspired one-shot with a pre-generated character (provided at the event).


Advanced registration is required. All registrations include battlesnacks and everything needed for game play.

  • Individual Registration| $35/person| join a one-shot with zoo DM
  • Private Table | $145/table| with zoo DM and one-shot, up to 5 participants

Click the link below to join the next D&D Game Night or book a private game.


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