Scout Workshops

Explore, Learn, and Earn Merit Badges at San Antonio Zoo’s Scout Programs!

Scout Workshops

Ages 5 & up
Time: Flexible dates and times
Cost: $24 per person, 5 person minimum; $50 nonrefundable deposit due at registration
All themes include guided zoo tour and conservation activity. Online workshops available. While badges and patches are not included, these workshops include components that lead to earning scout badges/patches, etc.

Email for registration and more information.


Scout Workshop Themes

  • Conservation Champion
    Take a closer look at few of the many ways San Antonio Zoo is dedicated to securing a future for wildlife and learn how everyone can help animals in their backyard and across the globe. This program includes a short, guided tour, animal presentation and a DIY conservation project.
  • All Creatures Great and Small
    Some of the most fascinating creatures on this planet are ones that get stepped over daily. Join us to examine some crawly critters and figure out what exactly makes them an insect! Join us for a bug hunt, meet some of San Antonio Zoo’s resident arthropods, and learn how to make your very own seed bombs!
  • Adaptations
    Explore the wonderfully wild world at San Antonio Zoo and learn how adaptations allow animals all over the world to thrive in their natural habitats. Discover the many aspects of camouflage, beaks, mimicry and more while participating in activities that demonstrate why these adaptations exist!
  • Water Warrior
    Join us for a closer look at one of the most important and valuable resources on the planet –water! Discover what lies beneath the surface of the San Antonio River and how we can use those findings to help determine the health of our section of the watershed system.

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