Nature Ninos

Explore the Natural World with Nature Niños

Children who consistently experience and engage in nature-based learning become stronger, healthier, happier, and more empathetic. Nature experiences can still allow programs to meet standards, prepare for future learning, and meet curriculum expectations. This program introduces families with infants and toddlers to nature-based learning.

The program is conducted in a four-week session. In the program, a class consists of infants and toddlers with one family member each. During this 2-hour workshop, family members are taught the benefits of nature-based learning while engaging with their child(ren) through the use of activities and animal interactions. Each class is set for a specific theme around nature exploration. Family members observe their children and are encouraged to engage with their child and nature to promote the best learning environment. Classes have themes such as water-play, mud-play, sand-play, and loose parts. Each theme highlights its benefit to infant and toddler engagement.

Cost: $149 for a child with one adult (an additional adult can join for $50)

Time: 8:30am – 10:30am


Week 1 – Loose Parts: Loose parts play is a lesson in which family members can learn how materials can be utilized outdoors to promote learning and play.

Week 2 – Water-Play: During the water-play lessons, families identify ways to work with water appropriate for their child’s age.

Week 3 – Sand-Play: The sand-play lessons allow family members to identify ways for their child to stay engaged while utilizing sand.

Week 4 – Mud-Play: The lesson on mud-play invites family members to get muddy with the child.


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