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Open daily* during zoo hours.
*San Antonio Zoo Trains are subject to close due to weather.

Train requires anyone under the age of 14 to have a paid adult accompany them.

The railroad was built in 1956 and at the time, was the longest miniature railroad in the world! One million passengers rode the train during the first 2 years of it running.

Since 1956, the San Antonio Zoo Train, formerly known as the Brackenridge Eagle, has chugged along the tracks in Brackenridge Park, skirting the banks of the San Antonio River as it makes its way through one of San Antonio’s most popular parks. Today, various stops around the park, including the Witte Museum and the Japanese Tea Gardens. Train riders are able to stop at these locations and get a return ride on the train with their train ticket.

On July 18th, 1970, passengers aboard the Brackenridge Eagle winded through the park and into history when the miniature train was looted at gunpoint by two masked robbers. That Saturday in July became known as “The Great (Little) Train Robbery.” The train robbery marked itself in regional and state history as the first time in 47 years a train robbery occurred in the Wild West and the last known train robbery in the state.

For questions about Train Depot please get in touch at  (210) 734-7184 .


Zoo Train Annual Pass

San Antonio Zoo is excited to unveil its first ever Zoo Train Annual Pass, providing unlimited train rides for 12 months for just $25 per person.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure through Brackenridge Park again and again. Experience the charm and excitement of train travel while creating lasting memories with each ride.

Our Trains

San Antonio Zoo has two trains over 30 years old. We are fundraising for two trains. Each train will have a unique design to appeal to multiple generations. All of our trains will be ADA accessible. The first new train arrived in September 2021. The next train will arrive in June 2022.

Please help us fund the next generation of trains and keep San Antonio Zoo Train chugging along the track.

For questions about naming opportunities, please get in touch with the development team at (210) 455-1312 or

Union Pacific Mini TrainC.W.T Train

On July 26, 2022, San Antonio Zoo welcomed the Union Pacific Mini Train to its rail line as it chugged into town at Brackenridge Park. The train was led by Union Pacific Locomotive No. 210, which features the sleek design of Streamliner engines of the 1950s and 1960s.

The new diesel train was funded 100% by donations, with the lead naming gift of $300,000 coming from Union Pacific. In addition, each zoo train runs on fuel generously donated by Valero Energy Corporation.

The zoo is still working on plans for a third new train which will be very distinct from the two new trains now in operation, giving riders three styles of trains to enjoy. All of the new trains feature improvements from previous versions, such as more leg room, more seating space, improved sound systems, and ADA accessibility.

“This has been an exciting and historic day for our community and for train lovers,” said Tim Morrow, President & CEO of San Antonio Zoo. “The San Antonio Zoo Train has been a part of the community since 1956, creating lifelong memories for generations. This is the second new locomotive introduced into the fleet within the last year, bringing its own unique beauty and flare onto the 2-mile track. We are so thankful to Union Pacific, Valero Energy Corporation, and all of our donors for helping create many more memories to come.”

On September 27, 2021, a new San Antonio Zoo train, The C.W.T Express was unveiled to the public in a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Train Depot in Brackenridge Park. The event was enhanced with music, entertainment, and goody bags to the first 50 riders of the all-new train.

The new train nods to the history of Brackenridge Park, re-introducing a diesel-styled engine to the fleet of three trains, and is the first new train to chug along the tracks here since the early 2000s. The new train was funded 100% by donations and will run on fuel donated by the Valero Energy Corporation.  The colors play off the existing San Antonio Zoo color palate and create a bright and exciting design.  Fundraising for a second new train is currently underway.

“We are all incredibly excited to showcase this new train to the public here in Brackenridge Park,” said President & CEO San Antonio Zoo, Tim Morrow. “The San Antonio Zoo Train has been a part of San Antonio since 1956, creating lifelong memories for generations. I am humbled by and grateful to the donors and Valero Energy Corporation for bringing this exciting addition to life for our community.”


Insider Tips

Adults and children (ages 3+): $6.00

Enjoy your favorite Starbucks drinks at the Starbucks located next to the train depot gift shop.

*Please note the San Antonio Zoo Trains only go through Brackenridge Park, not San Antonio Zoo.


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