Kronkrosky Tiny Tot Nature Spot



The 1.5-acre space for knee-high-naturalists (birth – 5 years old) is now complete with the John & Greli Less Butterfly RainforestDiscovery PLAYce and an all new outdoor nature play area called Go Wild!. Go Wild! features Wheel Good Time!, a stroller coaster that allow littles to safely experience the sensory dynamics of a roller coaster from the safety of their stroller or wheel chair.

Also featured in this area is, a mud kitchen, all new nature inspired play structures, and animals such as squirrel monkeys, turtles, tamanduas and more! The Kronkosky’s Tiny Tot Nature Spot has won multiple awards recognizing its excellence in exhibit design and live animal displays since its inception nearly twenty years ago.

Now reimagined for the next generation of knee-high naturalists, guests can expect new environments that provide safe yet exciting spaces to build strength, confidence and resilience.

Publications such as Parents Magazine and Reader’s Digest have recognized this area as a compelling part of what makes San Antonio Zoo a top zoo in the country for kids and being named the Best Zoo in Texas.

Now Open!

Thank you to

John R. and Greli N. Less Charitable Trust

The Greehey Family Foundation

The Betty Stieren Kelso Foundation

Th Elizabeth Huth Coates Charitable Foundation


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