Board of Directors

Executive Committee

William A. Freed, Chairman

John Nau III, 1st V.P.

Maryanne Guido, 2nd V.P.

Sara Stumberg Walker, Treasurer

Susan Naylor, Secretary

Mary R. Barrett

Camille L. Denton

Brandon E. Grossman

Wilbur Matthews II

Jayme Russell


Board of Directors

Eric Abati

Sheila C. Barrett

Victoria Beavers

Charles H. Clines

Ann Allen Cross, DVM, MS

Tom Cury

Kelly S. Daniell

Louis R. DiSabato**

Denise Elliott

Alexis Elliott-Stabler

Tracee Feik

Homer Garcia

Drew Greller, VMD, DACVO

Valerie Guenther*

Cosmo M. Guido

Annita Hereford-Crump

Justin Hill

George S. “Timo” Hixon

Laura Berg Hodge

James Hollis

Andrea Holmes Garcia

Meredith Howard

George Hutchinson, PhD

Mark M. Johnson

Kathleen R. Kennedy

Clayton Killinger



Lisa Lannon

Roby Latimer

Jane H. Macon

Ryan Malitz

William T. Maloy

Stephen McCusker**

Michael McLaughlin

Robert Miggins

Ashwin Nathan

Kay Kay O’Brien

Tony Parker

Enzo Pellegrino

Ashley Quintanilla

Cameron Ryan Redding

Allison K. Reyes

Kelly A. Russell

Jim Satel

Carol Severyn

John Sun

Tarah Sykes

Thomas C. Thill

Robert P. Thomas, MD

Jon Turner

Alice B. Viroslav, MD

Edwin “Eli” J. Whitney


*Directors Emeriti
**Executive Directors


Past Board Chairs

Christopher S. Bathie

Joe N. Haynes

David S. Herrmann

George P. Parker Jr.

Frank Z. Ruttenberg

Mark L. Thornton, MD

Gilbert F. Vazquez


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