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News from the Zoo

Native egrets and herons have been establishing seasonal rookeries on Zoo grounds since 1982; arriving in February and staying through October. In the early years, the number of birds was manageable. However, in the last few years, the number has dangerously escalated, causing a health hazard to our guests, staff, and animal collection.

This year, thousands of birds are nesting in trees located in Kronkosky’s Tiny Tot Nature Spot (KTTNS), a mini Zoo designed especially for children five and younger. Because of the large amount of bird feces and urates, it has become necessary to close a portion of KTTNS until further notice.

Our recently obtained permit with the U. S. Fish & Wildlife allows us to thin tree canopies, discourage birds from nesting, remove nests and eggs, and relocate chicks when feasible. We are doing and will continue to do what is necessary for the safety and well being of our guests, staff, and animal collection.


The San Antonio Zoo is an active participant in the Puerto Rican Crested Toad Species Survival Plan (SSP). We not only maintain and breed the species, but we also supply tadpoles for release in Puerto Rico and send staff to participate in field work. Over the past year, we have sent over 2000 tadpoles to Puerto Rico for release. Reports from the SSP coordinator are that our efforts along with other participating institutions is paying off as we strive to save and repopulate the species in their native home.

Attached photos of a Puerto Rican Crested toad and a night release of tadpoles.