4D Theater

The 4D Theater is Now Open!

Embark on an immersive expedition at San Antonio Zoo with a brand new attraction, the Project Selva 4D Theater. The action spills out of the screen over the audience with thrill-enhancing sensory special effects— bubbles, snow, scent, FX lighting, water mist, seat vibrations, and wind. A whirlwind 15-20 minute 4D cinematic experience that catapults viewers through time and space, merging breathtaking visuals with physical sensations, delivering an adrenaline-packed adventure unlike any other.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the show of your choosing.

NOTE: Admission ticket or zoo membership is required to purchase ticket(s) to 4D.

Children under 7 years must be accompanied by a person 14 or older.


Now Playing

The Lost World 4D

Bob is headed for a much-needed vacation to a deserted island… until his paradise turns out to be home to a lost world of prehistoric dinosaurs! Fierce Raptors, flying Pterosaurs, giant Triceratops and Stegosaurus, and the mighty T-Rex all roam this hostile world. Join Bob and his unlikely rescuer, Professor Lizzie, as they outrun these remarkable predators.

The Congo 4D: Life in the Rainforest®

In the brooding jungles of the Congo, it is a battle for space and survival as danger lurks in every shadow. From honey-wielding chimpanzees to ninja-like tree frogs, The Congo 4D: Life in the Rainforest explores the mesmerizing creatures that inhabit the very heart of Africa’s tropical rainforests.

Health & Safety Guidelines

This 4-D Experience® could aggravate certain medical conditions. It involves special effects:  loud noises, strobe, and laser-like lighting effects, fog effects, and seats with a poke in the upper back, all coordinated with an action-packed film experience.


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