Lory Landing

An Australian rainforest environment that engages zoo guests with hundreds of
brightly colored, nectar-eating lorikeets. Visitors come in close contact with these beautiful and gregarious small parrots. Guests can purchase a cup of nectar from which the lorikeets feed while perched on a their hand or while resting on their shoulder.

Cups of lory nectar are available for $2.00 each at the nearby Lory Cafe.

Lories belong to a group of medium-sized parrots native to Australia, New Guinea, and many tropical islands in the south Pacific. They generally live in rainforests and feed mainly on nectar, pollen, fruit, and flowers.

The 53 different species of lories come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from scarlet and green to royal blue, fiery orange, and violet. All lories are highly social and usually travel in pairs or small groups. In addition to being strong fliers, lories are also excellent acrobats.

Playful and curious, they are capable of numerous diverse behaviors, including hanging upside-down and dancing! Coupled with the birds' glossy feathers and vibrant colors, these amusing antics make the lories a delight to watch.