Species Survival Plan

Puerto Rican Crested Toad pic by Dustin Smith

Species Survival Plans (SSPs) were developed by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA) in 1981 to manage the breeding of captive animal populations in order to maintain healthy, self-sustaining populations for endangered taxa in zoos and aquariums throughout North America. The goal is to maintain a genetically diverse and demographically stable population for each population. Since its inception, the SSPs have evolved to become more holistic cooperative conservation programs encompassing a wide variety of activities such as research, public education, fund raising, field projects and reintroduction. The mission of the program is to help ensure the survival of selected wildlife species into the future and to provide a link between zoo and aquarium animals and the conservation of their wild counterparts.

Birds Mammals Reptiles Aquatics/Amphibians
Amethyst starling  Addax  Armenian viper  Lake Victoria cichlid-degeni
Barbet, Red and Yellow  Addra Gazelle  Brown forest tortoise  Lined seahorse
Bird, Secretary  African Lion  Catalina Island rattlesnake  Orange-blotched (ocellated) river  stingray
Bittern, Sun  African-crested Porcupine  Chinese crocodile lizard  Panamanian golden frog
Bluebird, Fairy blue  Agouti  Coahuilan box turtle  Puerto Rican crested toad  
Blue Crowned pigeon  Angolan Colobus  Common spider tortoise  White-blotched river stingray
Buff crested bustard  Asian Elephant  Fiji Island banded iguana  
Cardinal, Red-capped  Asian Small Clawed Otter  Henkel's leaf-tailed gecko  
Cassowary, Southern  Babirusa  Indian Gharial  
Cockatoo, palm  Black Crested Mangabey  Komodo dragon  
Crane, Black-crowned  Black Howler Monkey  Malayan giant pond turtle  
Crane, Blue  Black-and- White Lemur  Malayan painted terrapin  
Crane, Demoiselle  Black-footed Cat  Mexican beaded lizard  
Crane, Grey crowned  Black-handed Spider Monkey  Mexican Lance-  headed rattlesnake  
Crane, Hooded  Blue Duiker  Prehensile-tailed skink  
Crane, Manchurian  Bush Dog  Radiated tortoise  
Crane, Wattled  Capybara  Roti island snake-necked  turtle  
Crane, Whooping  Caracal  Southern river terrapin   
Curassow, Northern Helmeted  Cheetah   Tomistoma  
Dove, Bartlett’s Bleeding heart  Clouded Leopard  Vietnamese pond turtle  
Dove Grey Capped Emerald  Cotton-top Tamarin    
Dove, Luzon Bleeding heart  Dwarf Mongoose    
Duck, Spotted Whistling  Emperor Tamarin    
Duck, West Indian Whistling  Fishing Cat    
Duck, White Winged wood  Fossa    
Flamingo, Greater  Francois' Langur    
Flamingo, Caribbean  Giant Anteater    
Flamingo, Chilean   Giraffe    
Frogmouth, Tawny  Goeldi's Monkey     
Green woodhoopoe  Golden Lion Tamarin    
Goose, Ne Ne  Golden-headed Lion Tamarin    
Goose, Swan  Hunting Dog (African Wild  Dog)
Guineafowl, Crested  Jaguar    
Hamerkop  Kirk's Dik-Dik    
Heron, Boat- billed  Linne's Two-toed Sloth    
Hornbill, Southern Ground  Malayan Tapir    
Hornbill, Wreathed  Matschie's Tree Kangaroo    
Ibis, Hadada  Nile Hippopotamus    
Ibis, Scarlet  Northern Tree Shrew    
Kingfisher , Micronesian  Nubian Ibex    
Kookaburra, laughing  Ocelot    
Lapwing, Masked  Okapi    
Lapwing, Spur-winged  Pale-headed Saki     
Leiothrix, Red Billed  Parma Wallaby    
Madagascar teal  Plains Zebra    
Magpie, Azure-winged  Red Kangaroo    
Marbled teal  Red River Hog    
Mynah, Bali  Red-ruffed Lemur    
Owl, Burrowing  Ringtail    
Owl, Spectacled  Rock Hyrax    
Peafowl, Congo  Six-banded Armadillo    
Partridge, Crested wood  Southern Three-banded  Armadillo    
Pheasant, Malayan Argus  Spectacled Bear    
Pheasant, Palawan peacock  Spekes' Gazelle    
Pigeon, Green Naped Pheasant  Squirrel Monkey    
Pigeon, Nicobar  Sumatran Tiger    
Pigeon, Victoria Crowned  Tamandua    
Rail, Guam  Thomson's Gazelle    
Roller, Blue Bellied  Warthog    
Seriema, Red Legged  White Rhinoceros    
Screamer, Crested  White-nosed Coati    
Starling Amethyst  White-throated Capuchin    
Starling, Emerald  Wolf's Guenon    
Starling, Golden-breasted  Yellow-backed Duiker    
Starling, Violet Backed (Amethyst)  Yellow-footed Wallaby    
Spoonbill, Roseate      
Stork, Abdim's (white-bellied)      
Stork, European white      
Stork, Marabou      
Stork, Painted      
Swan, Coscoroba      
Tern, Inca      
Tanager, Blue Grey      
Tanager, turquoise      
Trumpeter, Grey- winged      
Turaco, Lady Ross      
Turaco, Violaceous      
Vulture, King      
Weaver, White-headed buffalo