Choose Your Favorite Mascot Name Below Ended

  • Sazoombi

    Creatively contains “SA Zoo” in the name – short for San Antonio Zoo.

    1% 428 / 24.3k
  • Stark

    Last name of Fred Stark, San Antonio Zoo’s past zoo director. Stark was one of the most important people in the zoo’s early history.

    44% 10.8k / 24.3k
  • Jambo

    “Hello” in Swahili, one of the most spoken languages in Africa.

    3% 877 / 24.3k
  • Jefe

    “The boss” in Spanish.

    0% 231 / 24.3k
  • Shaka

    Name of the first white rhino to be born in a zoo was born at San Antonio Zoo.

    2% 519 / 24.3k
  • Brack

    Short for Brackenridge, the park where you can find San Antonio Zoo.

    1% 263 / 24.3k
  • Crash

    A group of rhinos are called a “crash”.

    30% 7.4k / 24.3k
  • Cowboy

    Nickname of the late Will Smith that the San Antonio Zoo preschool is named after. Will was an eight year old “giver” to children and a lover of wildlife.

    15% 3.7k / 24.3k
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