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Butterflies! Caterpillar Flight School

Guests experience a spectacular butterfly garden where they are immersed in a lush
butterfly habitat surrounded by hundreds of butterflies moving freely throughout the
exhibit. Fifteen to 30 species of butterflies delight guests through intimate interaction.

These beautiful, colorful creatures are curious,approachable and often rest on guests as they stroll through the garden. Guests go home with a greater understanding of these fragile, beautiful butterflies, and a deeper appreciation for the importance of maintaining their habitat to ensure their survival.

Opening March 4, 2016

Hours: Opens daily at 9 a.m., weather permitting

Cost:  $1.50 per person


The San Antonio Zoo purchases all butterfly pupae from local butterfly breeders in the countries of origin. By farming butterflies, these breeders have raised their standard of living, been able to send their children to school, and have not had to continue their destructive agricultural practices.

The Zoo spends over $30,000 on butterflies each year. Butterflies have an average lifespan of 2 to 3 weeks, so the $1.50 charge allows us to replenish the exhibit continuously for everyone's enjoyment. All proceeds, approximately, $100,000, go directly into the Zoo Conservation Fund.