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Recommended Reading

Summer 2016 Book List!

This summer, get your kids off the couch and outside! Read one of the books on our reading list and you'll be sure to stay both mentally and physically active all summer long.

Camping Spree with Mr. Magee
Mr. Magee and his trusty dog, Dee, are enjoying a peaceful camping trip when all of a sudden they find themselves plunging down a mountain and teetering on the edge of a huge waterfall! How will they find their way out of this slippery situation?

Down to the Sea with Mr. Magee
With enough lunch for three, Mr. Magee and his dog Dee head out to the sea. But what begins as a fun day in the sun turns a bit bumpy when one playful whale decides to say hello. Soon the crew that once was floating finds themselves flying! How will they get down? Who will come to their rescue? And when will they ever get to eat lunch?

Camp Rex
By: Molly Idle
What could be more fun than a camping trip with a good friend? When that friend is T. Rex! It’s important to set a few wilderness safety guidelines first . . . like making sure he stays on the trail. And does not disturb the local wildlife. And knows how to build a safe campfire. But sometimes dinosaurs have a different way of doing things.

Pete the cat: Pete at the Beach
By: James Dean
In Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach, Pete is spending the day at the seashore. He has fun collecting shells and building a sand castle. But the beach is very hot. There is a whole ocean for Pete to cool off in, but it looks scary. Pete’s brother, Bob, offers to teach Pete about the beach.

By the Seashore
By: Maurice Pledger
Sail the seas on an adventure to discover some of the world's most exciting shores. As young adventurers explore the pop-op panoramas, they'll hear the call of the scarlet ibis, the roar of a polar bear, and the bellow of an alligator.

Hide and Seek Harry at the Beach
By: Kenny Harrison
When Harry and his friends are at the beach, they always play their favorite game, hide-and-seek. In a hammock, under a sand castle, or behind a palm tree — there are so many places for Harry to hide. Or try to, at least!

Llama Llama Sand and Sun
By: Anna Dewdney
Read along with Llama Llama as he splashes in the waves and plays in the sand in this brand-new touch-and-feel board book.

Look, Look, Baby Sunny Day Point and Match
By: Rosie Winget
Point and match with your toddler—it builds early math skills. Busy and bright artwork will help to mature your baby’s attention span while you talk about colors, shapes, animal sounds, seasons, and more.

By: Alice Low

Better than fireworks, this classic Beginner Book edited by Dr. Seuss celebrates all the wonderful things that come with summer! From trips to the beach and eating watermelon to fireworks and fishing, it will have young readers eager for the kind of fun only warm breezes.

Summer Days and Summer Nights
By: Wong Herbert Yee

On a hot summer day, a little girl finds ways to entertain herself and stay cool. She catches a butterfly, sips lemonade, jumps in a pool, and goes on a picnic. At night, she sees an owl in a tree and a frog in a pond, and hears leaves rustling. Before long, she's fast asleep, dreaming about more summer days and summer nights.