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Common Name

African rock python
Aldabra tortoise
Alligator snapping turtle
American alligator
Angolan python
Annam leaf turtle
Armenian viper
Armstrong’s rattlesnake
Banded alligator lizard
Banded rock rattlesnake
Blue-tongue skink
Caatinga lancehead
Cagle's map turtle
Catalina island rattlesnake
Central plateau dusky rattlesnake
Coahuilan (aquatic)  box turtle
Cross-banded rattlesnake
Cuban false chameleon
Cuban iguana
Cuvier’s iguana
Desert iguana
Diamondback terrapin
Dunn's viper
Durango mountain kingsnake
Dwarf caiman
East African green mamba
Egyptian cobra
Emerald alligator lizard
Emerald tree monitor
Eyelash palm-pitviper
False map turtle
Florida chicken turtle 
Florida red-bellied turtle
Fly River turtle
Giant horned lizard
Giant South American river turtle
Gray-banded kingsnake
Green anaconda
Green tree python
Hamilton’s pond turtle
Hankel's leaf-tailed gecko
Imbricate alligator lizard
Indian flapshell turtle              
Jumping pitviper
Kanburian pitviper
King cobra
Komodo dragon
Malay gharial (tomistoma)
Malaysian painted terrapin
Mang mountain viper
March's palm-pitviper
Mexican arboreal alligator lizard
Mexican black-tailed pitviper
Mexican beaded lizard
Mexican lance-headed rattlesnake
Mexican milksnake
Mexican ground alligator lizard
Mexican pigmy rattlesnake
Nile crocodile
Northern spider tortoise
Northwestern Neotropical rattlesnake
Ornate plated lizard
Orinoco crocodile
Prehensile-tailed skink
Queretaro dusky rattlesnake
Radiated tortoise
Red mountain racer
Red spitting cobra
Red-eared slider
Rhinoceros snake
Rhinoceros viper
Rowley's palm-pitviper
Savu Island python
Snub-nosed viper
Southern lined pine snake
Specked palm pitviper
Standing's day gecko
Storr's dwarf monitor
Tamaulipan rock rattlesnake
Taylor's agama
Taylor’s cantil
Tentacle snake
Texas cooter 
Texas map turtle
Texas rat snake
Texas spiny lizard
Texas tortoise
Turanian viper
West African dwarf crocodile              
West African green mamba
Western cottonmouth
Western diamonback rattlesnake
Yellow-spotted Amazon river turtle