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Common Name
Andean Tinamou
American common goldeneye
American white pelican
American flamingo
Attwater's prairie chicken
Australian shelduck
Australian wood duck
Bateleur eagle
Bahama pintail duck
Bali/Rothschild's mynah
Bar-headed goose
Bartlett’s dove
Black and white Mannikin
Black swan
Black-billed whistling duck
Black-necked stork
Black-necked swan
Black-throated laughing thrush
Blue-bellied roller
Blue-bellied kingfisher
Blue ground dove
Blue-grey tanager
Blue-winged goose - Marbled teal - Hooded merganser
Boat-billed heron
Brazilian teal
Bruce's pigeon
Bush stone curlew
Cattle egret
Chestnut teal
Chilean flamingo
Chiloe wigeon
Chinese hwamie
Cinnamon teal
Common barn owl
Common shama thrush
Congo peacock
Coscoroba swan
Crested pigeon
Crested screamer
Crested wood partridge
Common crowned pigeon
Diamond dove
Double-barred finch
Double-wattled cassowary
East African crowned crane
Eastern rosella
Eastern screech owl
Egyptian plover
Emerald starling
European Wood Pigeon
Fairy bluebird
Forsten's lorikeet
Fulvous whistling duck
Giant kingfisher
Gold coast turaco
Guira cuckoo
Golden-breasted starling
Violet-backed starling
Gouldian finch
Great blue turaco
Greater flamingo
Green aracari
Green junglefowl
Madagascar partridge
Green oropendola
Green-naped lory
Green winged Macaw
Grey wing trumpeter
Guam rail
Banded rail
Hadada ibis
Hill mynah
Hooded crane
Hottentot teal
Inca tern
King vulture
Lady Ross Turaco
Laughing gull
Lavander finch
Laysan Teal
Lesser bird-of-paradise
Lesser scaup duck
Lesser vasa parrot
Little blue heron
Madagascar Teal
Magpie goose
Magpie shrike
Maguari stork
Malay great argus
Malayan peacock pheasant
Manchurian crane
Marabou stork
Marbled teal
Mauritius pink pigeon
Metallic starling
Micronesian kingfisher
Military macaw
Moluccan radjah shelduck
Musk lorikeet
Namaqua dove
New Guinea masked plover
Nicobar pigeon
Green-winged dove
Blue ground pigeon
North American ruddy duck
North American wood duck
Obi violet-necked lory
Ocellated turkey
Orange cheeked waxbill
Painted stork
Palawan peacock pheasant
Palm cockatoo
Orange-cheeked waxbill
Peruvian thick-knee
Pied imperial pigeon
Plumed whistling duck
Purplish jay
Rainbow lorikeet
Red bird-of-paradise
Red bishop
Red-and-yellow barbet
Red-billed leiothrix
Red-billed whistling duck
Red-capped cardinal
Red-legged honeycreeper
Red-crested finch
Antillean euphonia
Red-crested pochard
Redheaded duck
Red-legged seriema
Red winged pytillia
Ringed teal
Rose-ringed parakeet
Roseate spoonbill
Rothschild's peacock pheasant
Ruddy duck
Sacred ibis
Salvin's pigeon
Croaking ground dove
Sandhill crane
Scarlet ibis
Scarlet macaw
Secretary bird
Snowy crowned robin chat
Snowy egret
Speckled mousebird
Speckled pigeon
Spectacled owl
Stanley crane
Sun bittern
Sun conure
Superb starling
Swainson's lorikeet
Swan geese
Taveta golden weaver
Tawny frogmouth
Turqouise tanager
Vasa parrot
Victoria crowned pigeon
Violaceous euphonia
Wattled crane
West African crowned crane
White stork
White-bellied bustard
Buff-crested bustard
White-bellied stork
White-crested laughing thrush
White-crowned pigeon
Mauritius pink pigeon
White-faced whistling duck
White-headed buffalo weaver
White-naped crane
White-naped raven
Pied crow
White-winged wood duck
Whooping crane
Wreathed hornbill
Yellow-breasted ground dove
Zebra dove