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Zootennial Carousel

We are excited to offer 60 named giving opportunities for the carousel.

Each naming opportunity is valued based on the location of the animal on the carousel.

The diagram below shows location, price and availability of animals on the carousel:
Yellow indicates naming opportunities worth $100,000, green $50,000, blue $25,000, and orange $15,000.

It is always fun to reminisce about our childhood and the excitement we experienced when we saw our favorite San Antonio Zoo animal!

Take this fabulous, once in a lifetime opportunity to name that particular animal on the San Antonio Zoo’s majestic carousel.

With gleaming brass, and stunning, hand-painted animals, a new carousel is a fitting way to celebrate our Zootennial!

Sitting on an island, the custom-designed animal carousel will be one more way that generations of children will be able to make lasting memories, at the San Antonio Zoo.