Share our passion for animal care and conservation by adopting an animal from San Antonio Zoo. Some of our animal ambassadors have been making waves in the news and are true fan favorites. Now, you can take one home! Your support will help us continue providing the best care for our animals, contributes to world-class habitats, and enrichment activities.

Adopt-an-Animal parents will receive:

  • A certificate of adoption
  • Color 5x7 photo with a personalized bio about the animal
  • Voucher to redeem plush


Axelle is the spunkiest, most playful, and vocal of her pride at San Antonio Zoo®. Even though she is the smallest, she can hold her own among her pride! Lions are one of the most recognized animals on the planet and a member of the cat family.

Birthday: July 25, 2015 
Favorite treat: whipped cream
Weight: 300 pounds
Fun fact: female lions are the main hunters while male lions protect the pride
Loves to: play with enrichment toys

Conservation status: Vulnerable