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Construction & Closures

Exciting changes at YOUR San Antonio Zoo!

As the San Antonio Zoo continues to grow, you’ll see some unique changes throughout the Zoo.

In 2014, the San Antonio Zoo will commemorate its first 100 years. The centerpiece of this centennial celebration will be Zootennial Plaza; a centralized family gathering area for casual and reserved occasions, a custom-designed carousel, and an upscale restaurant.

During this transition, the parrot house and Wild Wonders exhibits will be closing permanently. The animals in these exhibits have been moved to new exhibits or relocated to other AZA accredited zoos.

Along with these changes, the Japanese giant salamanders will inhabit their new home in a newly modified exhibit within the Tropical Waters area of the Kronkosky Tiny Tot Nature Spot. This new exhibit will offer an up-close, underwater view of these amazing, critically threatened species. Truly giants, they reach nearly five feet in length and weigh close to sixty pounds! Japanese giant salamanders are also long-lived; reaching fifty years of age in captivity is not uncommon. YOUR San Antonio Zoo maintains the largest captive group of Japanese giant salamanders in North America!

Additional closures include the Conservation Research Center and Ice Cream Shop and deck.

Needless to say, we appreciate your patience during this transition. Please stay tuned, as we will continue to keep you abreast of the exciting progress happening at YOUR San Antonio Zoo!