Lakeside Lightshow

Watch this awe-inspiring , exclusive light show at Zootennial Plaza. This is not your traditional light show. Utilizing Pixel technology and a custom sound track composed of Dubstep, EDM, and hip hop, the result is an exciting light show that feels like the ultimate dance party.

ADVISORY: This show consists of loud music and continuous flashing lights. Please be aware if you have photo or sensory sensitivity. 

North Pole

This is Santa's favorite place to be - there's so much to do , hear and see! No visit would be complete without a stop at Santa's very own workshop! Families can have their photo taken with Santa and don't forget to share your Christmas wish list with him too.

Reindeer Row

Stop by and view these life size reindeer beautifully lit to capture the essence and spirit of the season. 

Spots, Stripes & Everything Lights

A zany, whimsical walk through an array of fun lights and patterns! Inspired by the stripes of the zebra and the spots of the cheetah this area delivers a creative collaboration with a multicolor celebration. Can you spot the holiday fun?

Cheetah Cheer

The holidays are a cheetah's favorite time of year! Stroll down this path and enjoy thousands of lights creating a bright display purrfect for a cheerful holiday!

Polar Point

Covered with twinkling blue lights and some giant snowmen, Polar Point will make you feel like you're in the artic. Plus, enjoy an ice skating adventure with friends and family to truly get into the holiday spirit.


An array of holiday lights illuminates the snake pathway next to Reptile House. Don't miss the animal print luminaries capturing the joyful mood of this holiday.

Snowflake Lane

Be immersed in the crips winter night as you stroll under snowflakes of all shapes and sizes. These snowflakes are beautifully lit to create a wintry delight.

Fa La La Flamingo

Deck the halls with smiles and laughter while in Fa La La Flamingo! These lights will have you tickled pink as you walk under illuminated flying flamingos.