Zoo La-La! Vendor FAQs

How to become a Zoo-la-la! Restaurant Vendor

How much will it cost for my restaurant to be a part of Zoo-la-la?
•    The San Antonio Zoo only asks each vendor to pay the $30.90 health inspection fee along with supplying food samples for 1,200 guests.

Where can I sign up?
•    Please email Elisa Rodriguez, Marketing Coordinator, to request more information. 

What are the Health Inspection Guidelines?
•    Please click HERE for a Health Code to review all the necessary guidelines for all the food vendors at Zoo-la-la

Can I sell food products at Zoo-la-la?
•    No, we ask that all restaurant vendors only provide free samples for the guests at Zoo-la-la.

How much food do I need to bring?
•    We ask that you bring the minimum of 1,200 samples for the guests at the event.

Do I need to bring my own tables?
•    The zoo will supply each restaurant with a food booth tent and two tables so that you will have the proper serving station at the event. 

Please call Elisa Rodriguez, Marketing Coordinator at (210) 734-7184 ext. 1055 or email at for any other questions or information. Thank you!