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Themed days

Upcoming Themed Days

Join YOUR San Antonio Zoo as we celebrate special themed days nearly every month.  During each of the days listed below, we will have activities and crafts from 10am - 2pm in the Nature Spot and throughout the Zoo that are centered around each theme.

November 14th: Harvest Day. Enjoy the cooler weather by coming out for Harvest Day at YOUR San Antonio Zoo! Join us on Saturday November 14th as we celebrate fall by thanking the animals that help create and defend our food! Come learn about pollinating animals, creatures who protect our crops and critters who disperse seeds. Bring the whole family for exciting games and activities that teach you all about the animals and plants that make this season possible! This event is FREE with zoo admission.

Celebrate Harvest Day by participating in our first ever Nature Exchange! For one day only we will be opening a "Trading Post" in the Nature Spot from 10 a.m - 2 p.m., where children can bring in natural items that they have found (such as rocks, shells, pine cones, and feathers) and exchange them for other natural items in our collection. The more information the child can learn about their item ahead of time and then share with staff at the Nature Exchange, the better! As they trade and share both items and knowledge, children have a unique way that they explore and discover new things about the world around them!

How the Nature Exchange Works:

1. Bring natural collected items. Zoo staff will initiate a conversation with the child about the object: what the object is, where it came from, what makes it different or special, other characteristics, etc. The more the child knows about their natural object, the better! See rules for collecting natural items for the Nature Exchange below.

2. Children can trade/exchange their natural item for another in our collection. Based on the knowledge the child can share with us about their natural item, the condition of the item, and its uniqueness, the child will then be able to swap their item for one in our collection.

In order to best preserve nature, we have a few rules for the Nature Exchange:

  • Only trade items from nature (not man-made)

  • Take only one of each of the different things you find. You only need a few to make a good collection!

  • We will not accept bird nests or eggs, stuffed animals, pelts, dead animals (excluding insects), live animals, endangered species, or objects of historical value. No feathers from migratory birds will be accepted.

  • Take only items that are common and not protected by local/region/state laws.

  • No items will be traded from the Zoo's collection, living, dead, plant, or animal.

  • No items regulated by the Endangered Species Act, or other local, national, or international regulations or agreements will be traded.

  • No items collected from Zoo grounds will be accepted.

  • No items that involve taxidermy will be traded.

  • Items that act as interpretations, copies, or artistic representations of the natural work will be accepted for trade. This includes photographs, drawings, sculptures, books, stories, castings & rubbings.

Thank you for helping us celebrate and share nature, we hope you'll be able to join us!