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Hixon Bird House

Your first impression as you enter this world of birds is one of openness. A circular building, the Hixon's central glass-domed area is planted with large trees, shrubs and low plants and contains a small pond. Stand and watch for a minute or so and try to spot the beautiful thick-billed euphonia, red-billed leiothrix or any of the other birds that call this area home. As you circle the building, you discover a great number of glass-fronted enclosures, each with a wire mesh roof open to the air and elements.

Each enclosure is a diorama, painted, planted, landscaped and decorated to house birds in an environment as close as possible to their natural habitat. Here you will encounter birds from all parts of the world, from the deserts of the American southwest (roadrunner, burrowing owl), coastal beaches (black-necked stilt, Inca tern), South American rain forest (quetzal, tinamou, sun bittern), the jungles of Asia (lesser green broadbill, fairy bluebird), to the African bush (Taveta golden weaver, Egyptian plover, jacana), and many others. 

One of few fully enclosed and cooled exhibits in the San Antonio Zoo, the Hixon Bird House is a great place to sit, relax, cool off and enjoy the company of some of the world's fascinating feathered creatures. But, QUIET PLEASE! The free-flight birds are easily frightened by loud noises.