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Ant Eater

This lush outdoor area, encompassing a large segment of the zoo's waterway, is home to more than thirty species of tropical animals and many types of tropical plants including orchids and bromeliads.

Here a guests can study the smallest of the New World monkeys, watch the antics of the
family of spider monkeys as they hang and swing by their prehensile tails or stand on the deck of the free flight area.

Feed the fish and watch the giant anteaters roam the area as scarlet ibis fly about checking out the strangers that are visiting their territory.

Animals housed in the Amazonia exhibit include large and small cats, such as the jaguar and the ocelot. Cotton-topped tamarins, marmosets, capuchins, white-faced saki monkeys, armadillos, bats, fish, and birds such as macaws and the giant Andean condor also reside in this area of the zoo. This exhibit is a must-see for any guests.